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The Zydeco Cha Chas are the hottest Zydeco/Blues band in the world.

Catch them live whenever you can!

Anyone who meets Dennis Paul Williams will probably walk away with the impression that the St. Martinville native is different. But what makes him different isn’t just the fact that he’s of the creative class. The way Williams sees it, his home, art and everything in the world that he encounters are all part of a life that has been charmed to an extent that doesn’t surprise him because of his “perseverance and faith in God.” Born on Aug. 10, 1959, Williams is one of 10 children. He is known to many as the guitarist in his family’s zydeco band, Nathan Williams and the Zydeco Cha-Chas.
Junius Antoine has been playing bass with The Cha Chas for many years, He’s rock solid and Nathan loves him like a brother.
Djuan Francis is Nathan’s nephew and God Child. He has been traveling with the band since he was about 10 years old. He started with Nathan playing rubboard and he also plays accordion. A very talented young man with a bright zydeco future.
Clarence Calais is Nathan’s brother-in-law and has been with The Chas Chas since the beginning. He started out as a Road Manager, driving the band van, selling CDs at the gigs, and maintaining the band vehicles since he is a master mechanic. He has been playing the rubboard with Nathan for the last 3 years steady.

A Little History

Growing up in a Creole-speaking home in St. Martinville, Nathan eagerly sought out the music of Zydeco originators such as Clifton Chenier. Later, while recovering from a serious illness, Nathan decided to dedicate himself to learning the accordion. That dedication blossomed into an illustrious career, which now spans three decades.

The music of Nathan and the Zydeco Cha-Chas is the expression of a remarkable South Louisiana family. Dennis Paul Williams, Nathan’s brother, brings his jazz-influenced guitar chops to the band. He’s also a well-known painter whose work has been shown throughout the country, and has recently published a collection of his work. The eldest Williams brother, Sid ‘El Sid O’ Williams, is a Lafayette legend unto himself, and Zydeco would never have survived into the new millenium without him.

Nathan formed The Cha-Chas back in 1985, and since then has brought his unique take on this regional South Louisiana music to all corners of the globe. From Lincoln Center in New York to The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Nathan’s music has crossed all barriers to speak to the very heart of his audience.

Inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame in 2005, he was honored last year with the Zydeco Music Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award. The Cha-Chas have been voted the top Festival Band in the country, and have won the coveted Big Easy award for Best Zydeco Band for several years running.

Nathan and his band have been featured in the New York Times, Essence and People magazines, and on the cover of USA Today. They’ve appeared in films like In The Electric Mist and The Kingdom of Zydeco, and worked with artists as diverse as Cindy Lauper, Michael Doucet and Buddy Guy.

Keepers of the Zydeco Flame, they are committed to keeping their Creole Heritage alive…
 – C’est Si Bon!

“When the legendary Stanley Dural – Buckwheat Zydeco – passed away in 2016, the “Zydeco Torch” was truly passed to Nathan Williams and both of his sons, Little Nathan and Naylan.  They are the New Zydeco Dynasty.”


Nathan Williams Zydeco Wine Video

Behind The Scenes

After launching Nathan Williams Zydeco Wine in 2017, Nathan has now entered into a Custom Label Agreement with Louisiana’s oldest winery, Casa De Sue of Clinton, Louisiana.  Now there are two types of Zydeco Wine, a sweet white wine and a robust red wine. Let the good times roll!  Buy some by visiting Casa De Sue:  https://casadesuewine.com/